Private versus Semi-Private Fencing

Privacy fencing or semi-private fencing are both great for your backyard/sides of your home. Vinyl fencing keeps wandering eyes from seeing in your personal space while keeping your home and yard secure. Privacy fencing has no openings and is solid. It is usually 4 to 6 feet in height with some styles and designs containing…
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Between Fences – The History and Meaning of Fences (Part 2)

The exhibition Between Fences was part of Museum on Main Street, which serves museums, libraries and historical societies in rural America. It covered many topics. Below is an overview of five of what we believe were the more important topics. Fences in the American Landscape. Early Americans believed that land ownership was a natural right…
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Between Fences – The History and Meaning of Fences (Part 1)

The Smithsonian Institute has stated that “fences are icons of the American landscape. They can be used to create a welcoming picture of home or a wall of privacy and security. Fences have pitted rancher against rancher in the battle for scarce resources; back fences serve as meeting places where neighbors share recipes, local gossip…
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Aluminum Fencing Options

Aluminum has been known to be a flexible and broad material when it comes to what can be created out of it. It is for sure the metal of choice for most manufacturers, and when it comes to privacy, aluminum fences are a no-brainer. There are also many different ways to use your aluminum fence…
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How Large is the US Fencing Industry?

How large is the US Residential Fencing Industry? Well, below are some crazy statistics that show the economic influence fences actually have on the domestic economy. Did you know? There are more than 100K businesses in the U.S. that offer fencing services and products. Fencing companies help our economy by providing lots and lots of jobs during…
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