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Is My Fence Covered Under My Homeowners Insurance Policy? Part 1

While thousands of Floridian’s got hit hard by Hurricane Matthew, the large majority of Floridians’ actually consider themselves very fortunate that the storm shifted to the east when it looked as though it was going to make landfall around the Space Coast.  The term we heard most from homeowners was that they “dodged the bullet”.…
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Selecting the Type of Fence Best for Your Family

As you’ve probably have seen there is no shortage of options. Between picket width, rail length, gates and everything between, it can be hard to know where to start. But when you think about how you’re going to use your yard, and who is going to be using it too, you can narrow down your…
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Selecting a Fence based on How You Use Your Yard

There are probably a million reasons why home owners need a fence.  Whether it’s to keep kids inside your property, neighbors outside your property, protection, security, privacy, or for aesthetic reasons, we’ve heard them all. Below is a small list of reasons why you might need a fence. Kids A fence is much more than…
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The Future of the Fencing Market

Growth in fencing will be driven by rising building construction expenditures. The increased adoption of high value fencing materials such as ornamental metal and plastic and composite lumber will further boost demand. These materials have the ability to improve the appearance and value of the properties where they are installed, which will lead more consumers…
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