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Why to Install an Aluminum Pool Fence

As a Central Florida resident, we all know having a pool is a great addition for the summer heat. Pool parties, BBQ's or even just relaxing and enjoying the water, pools serve so many wonderful purposes that give you and your family an excuse to get together and cool off. Along with the benefits of…
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Aluminum Fencing Options

Aluminum has been known to be a flexible and broad material when it comes to what can be created out of it. It is for sure the metal of choice for most manufacturers, and when it comes to privacy, aluminum fences are a no-brainer. There are also many different ways to use your aluminum fence…
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Repair or Replace your Fence?

Are you deciding whether to repair or replace your fencing? There may be a few things on your mind when it comes to this decision, and usually the most common thing is the cost of it all. Repairing or even repainting your fence may seem easier and cheaper than going all out and replacing it,…
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Keep the Critters out this Summer! Go Vinyl or Aluminum

Orlando, FL - With thousands of alligators and other wildlife in central Florida surrounding our homes, it important to keep them where they belong. Privacy vinyl fences. along with aluminum fences can stop wildlife from getting in the family swimming pool and other areas of your yard. Let's keep our family safe this summer and…
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