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Reasons to Consider Chain-Link Fencing

Deciding which type of fence you want to install for your home or property can be confusing. Whether it be residential or commercial, chain-link fencing should be on your list as an option to consider. These types of fences are typically the most commonly used by homeowners and business owners for their ability to provide…
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Tips to Maintain and Clean Your Chain Link Fence – Part 2

As mentioned in our previous post, chain link fences are an excellent option for homeowners because they are easy to maintain and do an adequate job of securing properties and containing pets.  However, like all types of fences in order to keep the fence from looking drab, it is best to periodically clean your chain…
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Tips to Maintain and Clean Your Chain Link Fence – Part 1

Did you know that the chain link fence was invented in the Norwich, United Kingdom? The firm of Barnard, Bishop & Barnard produced chain-link fencing by machine. The process was developed by Charles Barnard in 1844 based on cloth weaving machines, which up until then Norwich had a long history of cloth manufacturing. Additionally, the…
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Creative Ways to Decorate Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences in Orlando are durable and one of the most common fences that homeowners have on their property, but let’s face it they are plain. So how can you transform that plain chain link fence into your own piece of art? Take a look at some of the options we have found. Making…
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Installing a Chain Link Fence in Orlando, FL?

Orlando, FL - Whether you are installing a fence in Orlando for residential or commercial purposes you’d want it to be of high quality and made up of the best material. When it comes to fences, no doubt you have various options. You can either go for decorative aluminum fence, traditional wooden fence or sturdy…
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