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A Handful of Facts about Pool Fences

As Floridians, we’re fortunate that our climate is such that we can go swimming this time of year.  So, as our temperatures begin rising, I thought I’d share with you some relatively basic pool fence facts that you may or may not know. There are no federal pool fence laws in existence. Therefore, it is…
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Understanding the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act

Did you know that in the state of Florida, drowning is the leading cause of death of young children and is also a significant cause of death for medically frail elderly persons?  The key to reducing the number of submersion incidents is pretty basic.  It’s adult supervision.  And when lapses in supervision occur a pool…
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Pool Safety Fences in Orlando

According to the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, there are many ways to help prevent the number one cause of accidental deaths by small children. One of the main ways to prevent an accidental drowning is installing a pool safety fence. The NPSA states, “The home should be isolated from the pool with a fence. The…
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Orlando Pool Fence Safety

Let’s face it; we are spoiled here in Central. When the thermometer drops below 70 degrees our local TV weathermen freak out! But for many people around the country, this time of year is perfect for a family visit or vacation to Orlando, or as they call it “the City Beautiful”, far away from the…
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