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How Large is the US Fencing Industry?

How large is the US Residential Fencing Industry? Well, below are some crazy statistics that show the economic influence fences actually have on the domestic economy. Did you know? There are more than 100K businesses in the U.S. that offer fencing services and products. Fencing companies help our economy by providing lots and lots of jobs during…
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Endless Possibilities for Vinyl Fencing in Brevard County

Vinyl fencing in Brevard County is awesome because of it's extremely long lasting and appealing appearance. The best thing about them is their versatility and your options of endless possibilities. These days you can have pool fencing, privacy fencing, a vinyl picket fence or a semi-private fence. And on top of all of this you…
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Get to Know the Owners of Fence FL

Fences FL is a small to medium size Fence company that has built and services thousands of fence projects throughout all of Central Florida. We thought we would share some information about our owners in hopes of getting to know us a little better. Q. Who are the owners of Fences FL? Carlos and Pilar…
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Understanding the Fencing You Need

With all the different kinds of fencing available on the market today, making a choice of which fence options is best for you and what you want/need can be overwhelming. There are the choices of low or high-quality fences and low or high priced fences. And in addition to this all the different types of…
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Vinyl Fencing Options in Orlando

Here are a couple things to consider when choosing a fencing style for your home or business. Coloring and Style. Vinyl fencing dealers such as Fences FL usually offer a few different styles of fencing. These include traditional picket, privacy and semi-privacy which all come in basic colors such gray, tan and white. Lighter coloring…
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