Vinyl Fences


Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing in the Orlando area is becoming the most popular alternative to traditional wood picket fences, metal & chain link fences. Vinyl fencing generally cost more initially, however the vinyl alternative pays for itself in the long run because it lasts longer and requires little to NO maintenance.

Vinyl is also more attractive and last longer in extreme temperature. Vinyl fences also comes in several style to choose from.

Vinyl Privacy Fences – This fence style provides the most solid security and privacy. Our privacy fences are sturdier than our competitors and generally come 6 feet tall.

Semi-Private Fences – This fence style offers privacy while still allowing air and light to enter. Semi-private fences are perfect for homeowners who don’t want to build a solid wall or privacy fence around their property.

Vinyl Picket Fences – This fence style is best suited for residential homes with children and pets. These fences are generally 4 feet tall (sometime 6 feet), and while keeping the boundaries secure but still allowing visibility through the fence.

Vinyl Fence Installation

Vinyl fence installation is not a job for the do it yourselfer. Many of these fence systems are pre-assembled at the factory. The installation is a precise job that requires previous knowledge of the product and the different types of surfaces for installation. Post dimensions must be exact, and expansion and contraction due to weather & surface conditions must be measured into the job. Our highly skilled fencing contractors are have years of experience working with vinyl fencing. We GUARANTEE that your project is done precisely to your satisfaction the first time… on time and most importantly on budget.

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