Protecting Your Fence from the Threat of Hurricane Force Winds

Even though we are in the middle of hurricane season, it’s really never too late to begin preparing for the “next” storm.  All hurricanes, regardless of size, have the capability of causing significant damage to your property’s fence.  Taking the proper precautions prior to a storm can help minimize your risk and possibly save you thousands of dollars in damage to your property’s fence.

Below we’ve listed a few tips to help protect your fence from the threat of the next storm.

Trim Trees and Bushes in your Yard and Near Fences

It may come as a surprise, but a significant amount of fence damage is not actually caused by wind during a storm.  Instead, much of a fence’s damage comes from other items that are already in the yard that are thrown as projectiles or tipped over. So, as you begin inspecting your yard for potential dangers, begin with items that are in your yard.  Tree’s are probably the greatest threat to fences.  Branches that hang over your fence are considered the greatest hazard of all to your fence. Additionally, check for dead branches and remove them as well.  Remove all dead and unhealthy trees as they could be uprooted and become massive projectiles as well.

Make Any Repairs Prior to Any Storms

Along with your normal seasonal maintenance, hurricane season warrants a little more of your time inspecting your fence. Check for any damaged areas that are in need of repair. Inspect your entire fence and check for any loose posts that could shoot out and become dangerous projectiles.

Remove Lawn Ornaments and Other Items from Yard

Outdoor furniture, pots and other lawn ornaments make for beautiful outdoor decorations, however during a storm they have the potential to be tossed through the air crashing into your home, garage, fence, or pool.  Prior to any storm bring all of these items indoors if possible.  Any items too heavy or too large to bring indoors should be secured or tied down to prevent any potential damage.

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