Repair or Replace your Fence?

Are you deciding whether to repair or replace your fencing? There may be a few things on your mind when it comes to this decision, and usually the most common thing is the cost of it all. Repairing or even repainting your fence may seem easier and cheaper than going all out and replacing it, however in the long run replacing your fence is the best decision you can make. Here are some tips to evaluating your fence's condition and in this evaluation you will successfully be able to make a final decision. If you have come to this point your fence has most likely over stayed its welcome and will continue to if you don't take the proper steps to repairing or replacing.

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Common Vinyl Fence Issues. Damage can occur to any type of fencing, not likely in vinyl fencing because of its more "maintenance free" style, but if your fence is subject to snow or a possible vehicle encounter, debris, and heavy equipment your largest threat to the vinyl is cracking. If you see a crack or cracking in your vinyl fence, do not hesitate to get it repaired with panels in the affected area, large or small.

Aluminum Fence Issues. Aluminum fencing is known for being durable and strong. However, every so often you may need replacement or repairing. Similar to vinyl fencing, an accident may happen that can damage a part or whole part of your fencing. The difference between vinyl and aluminum is that aluminum may require some welding and is a somewhat more hassle fix. Also keep in mind of your soil, it can shift from time to time and in result loosen your fence posting.

Replacing versus Repairing. There are times when replacing a fence makes much more sense than that of repairing. Time, money and effort all go into replacing and repairing a fence, but sometimes the amount of repair required can overwhelm those efforts and are often too great. Bottom line, if you have to replace more than 20% of your fencing it is that time to just go ahead and replace it a new. Also keep in mind that repairing fencing is often more difficult and more expensive that replacing the entire fence.

With proper maintenance and care your fence should be able to last you up to twenty to fifty years give or take and also considering the environment and landscaping. You never need a million reasons to replace your fencing and starting fresh and new is always a great option! Just make sure to maintain and check your fence regularly and apply small repairs here and there to extend the life of your meaningful fence.

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