Why Cedar Wood Fences in Cocoa Beach?

Cocoa Beach, FL - Nothing catches the eye as much as the beautiful wood picket fences bordering the streets nested along the yards of Brevard residents, as you drive through sunny roads of Cocoa Beach, Florida. You will witness a wide variety of fences from metal, pickets, to wood, vinyl or chain link. Yet, a new trend that has emerged in the Cocoa Beach, FL neighborhood is the use of cedar wood fences.

Picking the Right Material for your Cocoa Beach Fence

In order to make the choice of selection of fence easier, you should ask yourself three questions:

  • How long will my fence in Cocoa Beach last?
  • How much maintenance will my Brevard fence require?
  • Will my fence in Cocoa Beach blend with the overall landscape and Brevard County neighborhood?

Since the trend nowadays that has sparked interest among the residents of Cocoa Beach, FL is the cedar fence, let us guide you on why it should be a good choice for you too.

Historical Background of Cedar

It is no doubt that for ages, humans have utilized cedar for crafting out their houses, miscellaneous objects and canoes. Cedar was usually termed as the “tree of life” by the locals for a valid reason. In addition, it was employed as the major material in the construction of the ships of Alexander the great as well as the temple of King Solomon. The historical facts on cedar make it the obvious option for fence at Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Why Use Cedar in Cocoa Beach?

Cedar is recognized to be extremely flexible and light while showcasing remarkable strength all together. The uniform, straight grain and fine texture of the cedar makes it perfect for nailing and sawing also due to the lack of resin and pitch, it offers a fancy base for any kind of paint or stain.

Cedar also produces a rich, distinct fragrance of cedar oil which acts as a natural repellent of bugs and insects. So you can spend a lesser amount of time worrying about termites, mosquitoes and moths. Moreover, cedar is one of the sturdiest conifers and it lives a long life because of the fact that it does not decompose very easily.

Benefits of Cedar Fences in Cocoa Beach, FL

Four of the most common types of cedar include Red Cedar, Incense, Port Orford and Alaska. Red cedar is one of the most commonly used fencing materials.

One of the major benefits of the cedar is the ability to regulate various temperatures to bring warmth to the house in the winters while keeping it cool in the summers. This occurs due to the fact that Cedar has little pockets of air giving the wood a property of insulation. Because of this insulation property, cedar is works as the best temperature regulator amongst all the fencing materials.

Cedar not only regulates temperature but also blocks the noises up to 70% almost like concrete. If you are throwing a birthday or a barbeque party in your Cocoa Beach backyard, you no longer have to fear the noise disturbing the neighbors.

So are you planning to install a cedar fence in Brevard County? Visit http://fencesfl.com to view a wide variety of cedar fences and give life to your backyard!

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